Setting up a business is never an easy task. Whether it be in the service, publishing, or manufacturing industry, one of the first steps in making your business stand out from the crowd is advertising it to your respective target audience either by custom t shirts Canada or something else mentioned below.

There are many different ways to advertise a business. A few of the easy-to-do and low-cost marketing strategies are:

E-mail Marketing

E-mails are the most basic forms of modern technological communication. A small list of contact people in an address book can already help a business flourish and establish a name online. Every business advertisement sent online and through one e-mail address to another is considered e-mail marketing. Through this strategy, companies can start earning connections that would eventually help expand the business’ customer reach.


There are numerous starter blogs that are free of charge all over the web. Blogs are the perfect platform for starting companies to mark their name in the industry. A few blog posts and engagements later, the company shall be able to purchase a more extensive blog that should be able to reach a greater variety of audience from all over the world. A few blogs that may be good to use are:

  • WordPress
  • Blogger
  • Tumblr

Social Media Platforms

Especially with a target audience majorly comprised of the youth, using different social media platforms for company updates and services is an easier and more reflexive form of creating blog posts for potential customers. Engaging audiences in interactive posts are the key to adopting prominence in social media. Just like blogs, most social media platforms are also free to use and enable businesses to have the option to purchase more useful services to have a more extensive customer reach. Some social media platforms that companies may make use of are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Outdoor Advertising

This type of advertising enables companies to market their business through various public displays. By distributing a variety of merchandise and paraphernalia along the streets and public spaces, the companies’ creativity is tested and their sense of competitiveness against other businesses is challenged. This marketing strategy, although costly, is always guaranteed to attract a large number of audience and potential customers. Some specific outdoor advertising to be tried out are:


These might be one of the most common forms of outdoor advertising and have always been the go-to marketing strategy of most flourishing businesses. By renting a space for a billboard advertisement, companies may establish a connection with potential customers without them being physically present in the scene.


Another one of the most common forms of advertising in the streets, putting up posters along common traffic areas such as pedestrian crossings and lamp or electric posts provides companies guarantee that their businesses are known to the general public.


Distributing or selling merchandise such as customized pens or t-shirts are highly beneficial in promoting a company’s business agenda. Especially with custom t-shirts with business-relevant messages, companies are certain to assume that their audiences are reached extensively and their merchandise is patronized accordingly.

There are observably a lot of different ways to market a company’s business. One thing to make sure of, however, is the company’s financial capability to execute the advertising strategies they want. Otherwise, it will always be a better strategy to start to establish a name in the industry and start from the bottom and let the market do its thing to push your business up in the ranks.

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