Since its legalization in many countries, the Cannabis industry has grown fast. While many people are only used to the impact of CBD in the health sector, technology has also played a tremendous role. Here are six ways technology is transforming the Cannabis industry in 2022.

Cultivation, Growth, and Extraction

Seeing the huge benefits inherent in the cannabis and CBD industry, CBD businesses like BudPop and big farmers are incorporating the use of state-of-the-art technologies in the cultivation process of hemp. Hemp farmers are now using these smart technologies to ensure that the cultivation, growth, and extraction process is faster and easier. Recently, many hemp producers have started to use remote sensors to ensure that the plants grow well so that quality CBD products can be produced. This, in turn, also makes it easier for CBD producers to separate medical cannabis from recreational cannabis during the production stage.

Personalized Production

It was only recently that people discovered other ways to use cannabis without smoking. Due to technological innovations, CBD producers can create more personalized cannabis products. Through a useful technological method that differentiates the strains in each cannabis proportion. This ensures that only the right amount of CBD and THC is present in each CBD product. Hence, it is easier to consume cannabis and different forms like vapes, candies, gummies, drinks, capsules, oils, lotions, etc.

Online Sales

One of the many ways technology is transforming the Cannabis, and CBD industry is the creation of applications where cannabis and CBD products can be sold to users conveniently. CBD users can now easily access cannabis, whether for medical or recreational purposes, from authorized cannabis stores. Online-based sales of cannabis have two major benefits. First of all, the use and sales of cannabis are regulated, and cannabis-induced crimes are significantly reduced since users do not have to purchase from shady dealers.

LED Lighting

LED lighting hemp

Before using LED lighting, large-scale cannabis cultivation done indoors usually required high-intensity discharge bulbs. These bulbs consumed a lot of electrical currents and usually led to an increase in the cost of production. Help came in the form of LED lighting. This lighting technology isn’t only helpful to homeowners and plays an important part in the growth of cannabis. They produce a wider light spectrum, emit less heat, and are generally cost-effective, saving many cannabis farmers a ton of cash yearly.

Cannabinoid Biosynthesis

Before technological advancement in the cannabis industry, farmers spent painstaking hours trying to extract CBD from hemp plants manually. This wasn’t only time-consuming. It also made the price of CBD products highly expensive. With the Cannabinoid Biosynthesis Technology that uses yeast strains to produce cannabinoids, cannabis producers can now produce a larger amount of CBD and THC products in less time and at a more cost-effective rate.

Increased Economic Growth

The Cannabis industry has continued to grow thanks to technology exponentially. Without massive technological innovations targeted at the Cannabis industry, many CBD manufacturers would find it hard to sell. With applications that facilitate online sales of cannabis, the Cannabis industry is experiencing profits like never before.

It is predicted that by 2025, the Cannabis industry may hit about $166 billion in profits. With these in mind, it’s almost impossible to overlook the role of technology in the growing success of the Cannabis industry.

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