Stream It will gladly help you in maintaining and securing your technological assets in a cost effective manner. We will constantly communicate with you as we continuously craft solutions for your problems and provide you with the service to meet your satisfaction.

Our clients are specialist in home goods such as comfortable recliners. This also ranges into the kitchen for cookware and cookware sets. The most popular kitchen faucets are some of our customers best selling items.

With Stream It you will get the following products and services:

  • Network Support & Design – Maintaining and monitoring your network is a tiring task, especially if you’re also focusing on your business itself. With that in mind, we would gladly do it for you.
  • Consulting Services – The technology you’re using to run your business can be a difficult thing to understand. We understand the importance of technology in a business, both big and small.
  • Data Center Services – We will help you harness the full capabilities of the internet to make your investment in technological assets worth it.
  • Cloud Services – Our smooth cloud services allows you to efficiently communicate and share data with your personnel in a unified system.
  • Business Continuity Planning – Certain problems, whether big or small, can cause major data loss. But we assure you to prevent that from happening.
  • VoIP – With our VoIP services, we offer you an affordable alternative from quite expensive telecom services.
  • Email and Spam Protection – We fully understand the importance of communication by means of email in business transactions. That is why we will provide you with a service that stops spams and safely stores your emails.
  • Structured Cabling – The quality of your cables and wires could determine the performance of your system. Our wiring and cable technicians will prevent that by structuring them perfectly for a more stable connection.
  • Security Services – Security is always a paramount concern in a business. It never hurts to assume that threats are everywhere. Our security services will equip your system with the right tools to combat these threats, most notably hackers.